I was quoted $5,500 for a new website. How can you do it for only $29/month?
Frankly the DIY movement priced this custom-design-to-build business model right out of the market. Our PathIgniter system is affordable. We streamlined and simplified our processes so we can provide you with a low-cost website at a fraction of the price that it would normally cost. We want you to be successful.
How do I get content for my website?
You can provide the copy to us or we write it for you. We provide first-class content writing services so that your new website attracts visitors using real content that search engines recognize.
Can you build an e-commerce website for me?
We can certainly add a PayPal BUY NOW button for a few items or services that you have for sale, but we don’t offer an e-commerce shopping cart at this time.
Does SEO really matter?
In a word – Yes. That’s why we optimize the content we create for you. From blog posts to landing pages to other types of website content, we continually update everything according to today’s SEO standards. We offer SEO using best methods, practices and procedures to get you into Google.
How long does it take to build a website?
Rather than throwing something together overnight, we put a lot of TLC into our sites. On average it takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish.
Can you include my logo on my website?
Yes. All you need to do is send us a digital version of it. We incorporate it onto every page of your site. Standard formats, such as JPG, PDF, PNG and Gif work perfectly.
I don’t have a logo. How do I get one?
That’s no problem. We’ll create one for you that nicely reflects your company, at no extra charge.
Will my website look like every other website on the web?
Your website is uniquely yours. Although we do use basic templates to get your site started, we customize it so it reflects your business—and only your business. You’ll notice that the simplicity of the designs prevents them from looking “template-y”.
Can I update my website myself?
This is not necessary as we do all of the updates for you. Our proprietary system is secure and effective and is aimed at providing you with an updated current website.
Can I use a domain name that I already own?
Yes, definitely. All we need is your domain name login information and we’ll switch the new PathIgniter website to your existing domain name.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No contract required. No one likes to be tied into a long-term contract. We’re sure that includes you too.

If I choose to cancel website services through you, what happens to my website?
When you purchase services through us, we bill you every month. If you wish to move your website from PathIgniter to another company, we’ll close your account. However, if you’d like to keep the site we built for you, we download all the files and images and send them to you via email, according to our Terms and Conditions.
Can you incorporate my existing website into one you create for me?
Yes. We do this all of the time. Clients come to us with an old website and ask us to grab the content, copy and photos from the old site and put into their new site. No extra charge of course.
Can you include my ideas into the final website that you create for me?
Sure. We can include your logo, modify website colors and fonts, add your copy and content, and use your images so that your website really reflects you.
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